From Dana Cline

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the honor of judging your National Specialty, I do not take these invitations lightly and I sincerely hope that all exhibitors had as positive an experience as I did in the few days we spent together. The hospitality, friendships and obvious sportsmanship that extended through the week was incredible!  I commend you all for a job VERY WELL done indeed!
When asked to make some comments about my choices, I agreed to do so based on a more general overview of what I saw in the majority of the animals.  Coming from Great Danes, I tend to concentrate my focus first on breed type, that special look that makes any dog look like it’s breed, what separates him from the others,  what makes him a great Springer Spaniel. I must say that in sifting through this large entry I was pleasantly surprised to find dogs that bare family characteristics, proof of quality breeding programs that are pre-potent and consistent. In any program,  success is achieved by having dogs be of similar, recognizable type and style, while different , there were many quality dogs from various families represented. Aside from size variations, I felt the breed as a whole is quite consistent .
As for my general evaluation of the breed, I would have to say that he most noticeable positive change in your breed has to be in the temperament. It wasn’t so very long ago that this issue was major problem, from what I observed, I’d say that you have all but eliminated the problem. I would also like to add that I saw a vast number of animals with very good front quarters, another problem that I have always felt Springer’s possessed.  As in most breeds I felt the overall quality was in the bitch entry, but as individuals , there were dogs (males) of great quality  in this entry, specifically, my BOB dog,  AOM and  Winners Dog.
 If I were asked to make a list of current concerns regarding the breed, heads come to mind first, I felt overall the breed needs to have an improved expression and head plane. I believe the traditional soft,  pleading  expression has been lost a bit, and efforts need to be made to recover that beautiful aspect of the Springer. Movement was good overall, however, I did see an occasional rear problem, not alarming, but certainly not to be ignored. Length of body may be another area of consideration, I saw several dogs that were excessive there, distracting  and moving away from the proper balance and proportion  that the standard requires.
It’s easy for an individual to pass on such an entry and identify what seem to be the prevailing “negative” issues, not at all my intention. As a breeder of many years, I remember seeing similar aspects that continually got overlooked and then within 5 short years, what we lost seemed to be almost impossible to recover.  It is more than obvious as a whole the Springer fancy has a great love and dedication to their breed, more importantly concerned and objective attitudes towards bettering the breed; to that end, I am certain that the breed is very capable hands and will continue to improve and it’s type preserved.
In closing I would once again like to say that having the opportunity to judge your national was a great honor for me and I have certainly come away with a great deal of respect for the Springer Spaniel breed as a whole.
Dana Cline

ESSFTA Sweepstakes

October 30th, 2008

Dallas-Fort Worth Texas

Judge: David Swartwood



Puppy Dogs 6-9 months

First: Beswin Ynot Triple Play, a young black dog, fairly mature, could use a bit more depth and forechest, very balanced and moderate, holds his topline well on the move with excellent reach and drive.

Second: Alpine’s True Blue, handsome liver dog, very well built through the shoulders, fighting the lead on the go thus throwing off his balance, very nice to go over, very moderate and balanced.

Third: Seaview’s Hot Pursuit, very well built throughout the body, a bit short in neck, well set under front legs, solid topline on the move.

Fourth: Telltales Special Delivery, liver male, handsome and mature for his age, moderate throughout, slightly over angled in the rear if he figures out how to use that angle he should use himself a bit better on the go around.

Dogs who also made the cut: 9 & 31

(The cuts came from my two wonderful stewards and from my notes. Hopefully we haven’t missed anyone deserving special recognition)

Puppy Dogs 9-12 months

First: G&J’s Navajo Spirits, black dog, very balanced no one part sticks out, clean chiselled head, good shoulders, nice on the move. Could be just a little stronger in the topline on the move but should come with maturity.

Second: Ramblewood Stardust, beautiful dog, stands well up over his toes, bit straighter in upper arm but uses himself well.

Third: Cerise Versace, handsome dog bit of a “sleeper” in the class but every time he went around the ring he was solid. Mature for his age. Happy dog.

Fourth: Tagalong’s Boy Oh Boy, Very handsome dog, exquisite headpiece, presents himself very well. Could be in stronger condition but should mature into an outstanding dog.

Dogs who made the cut: 37, 43, 59, 61 127 & 141

Junior Dogs 12-15 months

First: Segre’s Brown Derby,  Mature liver dog in excellent muscle and condition, very balanced, beautiful headpiece, excellent outline standing and moving.

Second: Darkover ‘N Pawmarc Homeward Bound, Slightly less mature black dog with good pieces and parts needs some time to mature and put them together, very balanced and presents well.

Third: Aspen-Lace Impressive Bigg Shot,  Liver dog with overall balance but bit more angle in rear at the moment  and will have to learn how to use his angles. Nice solid dog very masculine, good spring of rib.

Fourth: Designer’s He’s Bonafide, Liver dog  needs a bit of maturity. Really good on his legs, balanced, stands  well over himself, should be a contender in the future.

Dogs who made the cut: 81& 83

Junior Dogs 15-19 months

First: Wynmoor Champagne Supernova, Very handsome liver dog, very balanced, typey head, good bone and feet.

Second: Windmoor Ultimate Goal, a very close second, has a bit more leg than the dog in first place. Handsome dog who stands well over himself. Stretches out on the go around and a bit soft in the topline.

Third: Springerlane Laurelwyn Fusion, Black dog very striking in type, beautiful headpiece, very clean coming and going, stands well over himself, good bone and feet.

Fourth: Chivalry’s Repeat Performance, another striking black dog handsome picture, not as clean coming and going as the 3rd place dog but excellent potential.


Dogs who made the cut: 109, 169

Puppy Bitches 6-9 months

First: Seaview’s Too Busy Being Fabulous, good bone, good feet, good substance, moderate bitch, pleasant expression, well set on tail and very balanced.

Second: Elite’s Me Me Glorious Me, a bit slighter in build than the first place bitch, good bone and feet, stands  well over herself, head planes nearly parallel. 

Third: Cherriky’s Létoile De Mer, I nearly lost this bitch in the group, nice cobby bitch, solid bone, decent headpiece, moves very clean coming and going to bring herself up into the ribbons.

Fourth: Elite’s Sea Dog Pretty As A Picture, nice bitch with decent substance, nice attitude, good legs on the go round, carries her tail a bit high but good overall impression.


Dogs who made the cut: 18,24,28,34

Puppy Bitches 9-12 months

First: Tagalong Brightwater Playmate, nice black and white bitch stands well up on her legs, beautiful head and well put together. Everything in the right place. Would have liked to see her use herself just a bit more on the go round but moved balanced. Good legs under her. Moderate in every way.

Second: Tagalong’s Oh My Wonder, very similar in type to the bitch in first place, hard top line, good side gait, could be set under a bit more. Very balanced.

Third: Cerise Balenciaga, nice liver bitch with strong bone and substance, good forechest, set well under, solid topline, just a bit rumpy and carries the tail a bit high.

Fourth: Topsail’s Catch A Tradewind to Emerald Isle, nice little bitch with excellent side gait, could use a bit more flesh over her bones, lovely head and expression.

Dogs who made the cut: 44,56,60,68,86,186.

Junior Bitches 12-15 months

First: Siobhan’s Saoirse, a liver bitch in dire need of a coat but very balanced and feminine. Stands  well over herself, long neck and smooth shoulders, tail coming off right were it belongs.

Second: Radiant’s Spindazzle, solid bitch, really pretty coming at you. Set under adequately. Honest bitch.

Third: Eastwood Vinehill Nick Of Time, sound bitch of good type. Lovely expression, very balanced.

Fourth: Centennial ‘N Pawmarc’s Light Show,  Solid bitch with good bone well set under. Had a slight melt down or could have won the class. (Side note: Handler change and she missed her mom who couldn’t keep up to this good moving bitch) 

Junior Bitches 15-19 months

First: Eldamar’s Dartek Rising Star, liver and white bitch, solid, good bone and feet, pretty head and expression.

Second: Dartek’s Eldamar Envision, pretty black bitch, beautiful body, great coming and going, good on the go round. Not quite as pretty headed as the bitch in first place.

Third: Lakeview’s Belle Of The Ball, very  typey liver bitch, a bit more upright in front, however, she carries herself well around the ring.

Fourth: Cerise Presumed Innocent, strong solid bitch, short coupled, great topline. Bit excessive in coat. Pretty bitch overall.

Dogs who made the cut: 88, 114,126,184


Best In Sweepstakes: Segre’s Brown Derby

Best Of Opposite Sex In Sweepstakes: Tagalong Brightwater Playmate


I had four dogs who could have easily won the sweepstakes going back and forth between any of them while making my final decision. The eventual winner held his profile both standing still and moving effortlessly around the ring. Very “spanielly” in character. The bitch is welcome in my home at anytime and if she had used herself just a touch more she could have been our sweeps winner. Both had good bone, substance and balance and lacked any exaggerated features that would distract from the whole picture. They moved with ease and did not race round the ring, able to do a days work in the field if asked.

Veterans Sweepstakes


Veteran Dogs 7-9 years

First: Ch. Crownroyal’s Tea Caddy, a very sound, very pretty, very agile dog who floated around the ring. Excellent type.

Second: Ch. Cherise Yo Picasso, a handsome dog, a bit lower stationed who moved well around the ring. Excellent condition.

Third: Ch. Gold Camp Point Break, a short coupled more upright dog. More stop than desired. Balanced and beautiful on the go round.

Fourth: Ch. Stonewall Ashwyn Showstopper, handsome black and white dog with good bits and pieces. Sound.

Veteran Dogs 9-11 years

First: Ch. Salilyn’s Turbulance, a very handsome dog who carries himself very well, bit more rounded in skull. In excellent muscle tone and coat condition. Good bone and substance.

Second: Ch. Silverhill Windjammer CDX, a bit fancier dog with more of an upright build, bit longer in topline. Shown in excellent condition.

Third: Ch. Kehre’s Life In The Fast Lane, Solid dog, very happy temperament. Carrying a bit too much weight on the day. Handsome type.

Fourth: Ch. Pride ‘N Joy’s Celebration REA VCD2 TD MX AXJ CDX, solid dog of good bone and substance. Excellent headpiece. Could have used himself better on the move. Nice profile.


Veteran Dogs 11 years and over

First: Ch. Silverbow’s Casino Casanova CD MX, certainly doesn’t show his age. Very handsome. Very nice to go over, could have a bit more substance. Uses himself very well.

Second: Ch. Kehre’s Phantom CDX NA NAJ, substantial male, very solid. Beautiful headpiece.


Veteran Bitches 7-9 years

First: Ch. Silverhill Sea Dog Surfs Up, very solid liver bitch in excellent condition, carries herself beautifully around the ring

Second: Ch. MACH2 Ramblewood Crystal Clear UD MH OF, a very close second, black bitch who stands well over herself, stunning head, good solid topline, tail carried just a bit high.

Third: Ch. Cerise Winsome Winter Rose, smaller liver bitch, very happy and showy, lovely coming and going.

Fourth: Ch. Aspen’s Ashwyn Adventure, attractive head, solid liver bitch, good bone and substance.

Veteran Bitches 9-11 years

First: Ch. Springbrook Tagalong Illusion, beautiful liver bitch, carries herself very well, moderate in every way. Good bone and substance yet feminine.

Second: Ch. Crossroad Wil-Orion Emotion AXJ, really attractive black bitch a close second place, could have beeen cleaner on the down and back. Excellent style and type. Good bone.

Third: Ch. Vasdon’s Braveheart Of The Ocean AX AXJ, attractive black bitch carrying a bit too much weight but really nice on the go round.

Fourth: Ch. Kehre’s Notorious RE NAP NJP NFP AX AXJ, smallish liver bitch, cute attitude, carries herself well. Spanielly in type.


Veteran Bitches 11 years and over

First: Ch. Eldamar’s Select Blend, attractive liver bitch, good outline, solid bone and substance.

Second: Ch. Shala’s Moonlight Sonata NAP NJP, very attractive black bitch, beautiful headpiece. Could have used herself a bit better on the move and a bit more depth of chest but lovely overall.


Best In Veteran Sweepstakes: Ch. Salilyn’s Turbulance

Best Of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes: Ch. Silverhill Sea Dog Surfs Up


I went back and forth between the two younger male veterans. The eventual winner had an edge with a bit more bone and substance. The bitch winner was very lovely in outline and balance and in excellent condition.


           What an outstanding pleasure it was to have this opportunity to evaluate such a great entry. I was very impressed with the overall progress on how the fronts are developing on average. Breeders should continue to work on depth and fill of forechest and creating well set under fronts and avoiding shoulder placement that is too far forward on the body.

            Temperaments were outstanding with only a few novice exhibits slightly unsure but no signs of aggression at all.

            The overall condition of coats  was tremendous with little over-grooming. Most had protective jackets for the field.

             If I had to identify one area of concern, it would be seeing many exhibits with close moving rears. Strong driving rears with good muscles in first and second thighs are necessary for proper drive, mobility and endurance. Muscle tone in general could have been improved, it looks as though many springers today are leading the “good life” and require greater exercise and conditioning.

            My winners and placements came from a cross section of different “families”of dogs and it seems as though our breed is in good hands.

            Thanks to the membership for the vote of confidence in giving me this chance, the show committee for the hospitality and the exhibitors for the entry and their kind words.   


            David Swartwood